Pest control can be especially challenging in large construction space. Warehouses in particular have plenty of places for pests to live and breed. Pests will invade the warehouse from the outside or directly breed in the warehouse. Cracks and corners can all be conducive for pest infestations. Besides being ugly and unsanitary, some pests can also damage products, equipment, electrical wiring and building structures. Some pests are difficult to exterminate without correct methods. For the current pest problem of warehouse, in addition to eliminating pests, preventing the invasion of pests is also the key.


  • Most pests breed outside the warehouse and often invade the warehouse in some time. It’s thus difficult to eradicate the pest problem only by killing them in the warehouse.
  • Warehouse need to spend a lot of extra money on pest control service of PCO company.
  • The long-term use of pesticides has an impact on the health of warehouse workers.


Pestmaestro can make a warehouse pest control plan that prevents as well as eliminates pests. The advantages are as follows:

  • In this solution, users can use physical traps and non-toxic or low-toxic chemical products to eradicate pest problems in the warehouse, and to prevent pest breed and invasion. The principles include interfering with the trigeminal nerves of pests by odors and killing them directly with low-toxic products.
  • Pestmaestro mouse repellent is a mix of essential oils and natural plant extracts, is more advanced and healthier than other mouse control products. The price is also competitive in the market.