Supermarket is a comprehensive business place integrating daily necessities, grain and oil, fruits, vegetables, cooked food, fresh meat, pastries, fresh juice processing, sales and catering. Pest infestation directly affects the shopping environment and food safety. The structure of the supermarket is usually complicated. Rats can enter the supermarket from cable chutes and drains. At the same time, the wire troughs, exhaust ducts and lighting pipes at the top of the store provide a good channel for the mice. Some processed foods such as soy products and noodles create favorable conditions for pests’ populating and breeding. Usually, supermarkets choose to use some traditional mouse traps to deal with these problems, and this may affect consumers’ shopping experience. Moreover, traditional cockroaches’ powder does not have the baits to attract cockroaches, so it takes more time to kill cockroaches. The supermarket has a large area, and the goods are arranged in a tight manner. It not only requires a large dose of powder, but also is difficult to apply.

The following hazards are caused by mice in Supermarkets:

  • Mice destroy a large number of commodities, bringing direct economic losses to supermarket.
  • The corpse or excrements of pests contaminates the goods and the surrounding environment, which poses threat to people’s health. It also destroys the image of the supermarket store brand in the hearts of customers.
  • Pest-contaminated products will directly affect the consumers’ desire for consumption, resulting in direct economic losses, but also gives an indelible blow to the brand image.
  • Mouse bites of electrical wires affects can cause electrical problems in the supermarket.
  • The pests and mice around them carry dangerous microorganisms, which can spread diseases such as plague, dysentery and dengue, threatens people’s health.

Pestmaestro has a complete solution for supermarket to effectively eradicate the pest problems, and providing consumers with a good shopping environment.

  • Pestmaestro’s mouse control products can affect the central nervous system of the mice through olfactory tactile taste, quickly solve the mouse problem in supermarket, and ensure that mice won’t invade again within 3~6 months.
  • The combination of Pestmaestro’s mouse control products can get better solutions and meet the different needs of repelling mouse.
  • Many cockroaches control products in the market due to the simpleness of the formula, so that the cockroaches are easy to produce resistance. Pestmaestro’s products have been improved many times and guarantee that cockroaches will not develop drug resistance to it within 3~5 years, and the formula will be continuously improved to ensure continuous killing effect.
  • Pestmaestro’s cockroaches control products contain attractant, which can effectively attract the cockroaches to eat and make them die faster.