Due to the accumulation of foodstuffs in the kitchen, dustbins, and food residues restaurants are susceptible to pest infestations (such as mice, cockroaches, etc.) causing food poisoning and compromising food taste. Other pecky flying pests such as; mosquitoes and houseflies affect the dining experience of guests.
Usually food and beverages outlets are cleaned daily to ensure a good environment in the restaurant and kitchen. The provision of convenient and affordable public health services for restaurants is a major bother and worry by many catering industry practitioners. Generally, restaurant operators often clean and deworms on their own to prevent the breeding of pests, but often the effect is sometimes not particularly ideal. The reasons are that:

  • The pests might have not been eradicated by the using the correct PCO method. Even if large-scale cleaning is carried out, it doesn’t take long for the pests to reinfest. Restaurant’s kitchen has many places that are pests infested locations and difficult to clean.
  • It is not possible to use pesticides on a large scale, because if the restaurant does this, it will affect customer’s dining environment or have to temporarily suspend business which will eventually affect cashflow.
  • It takes a lot of money to invest in acquiring a state-of-the-art pest equipment, which may be difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to bear.

Pestmaestro has a designed Restaurant Public Health complete pest control program for restaurants that efficiently and continuously removes pests from the restaurant and maintains a quality environment. The efficacy of our services are as follows:

  • Through the conformity of Pestmaestro’s insecticide product combination, pests’ eradication occurs as quickly as possible, and prevents reinfestation during the effective period.
  • Pestmaestro’s products are well-researched and selected by experts, and the product upshots, quality and value are guaranteed through the market.
  • Pestmaestro’s non-physical pest control products are generally low-toxic or non-toxic, and do not have irritating odors. They will not affect the normal operation of the restaurant operators while eliminating pests.
  • Pestmaestro’s products are extremely cost-effective. Compared with other similar products, the same effect can be achieved with less usage, and after comparison, the effectual period is longer and the price is competitive.