Ultima Cockroaches Trap Box

Ultima cockroaches trap box is an effective handy cockroach catcher trap. It physically captures the roaches by baiting them with food placed inside. It is a very safe roaches catcher with no harm, the tableware and food are not polluted, protects the environment and doesn’t use energy. This large reusable Cockroach Trap can easily catch the cockroaches, bugs and other pest rapidly, widely used in home, hotel, hospital and restaurant. Non-toxic, no harmful material, safe and environment friendly.

Cockroaches by nature like to inhabit in aperture, damp places such as the corner, kitchen, often change the bait and the places for efficient effect. Pestmaestro’s strategic partner the manufacturer of this trap box has produced and supplied this product for over 30 years.

How to Use

  • Put a piece of sweet flavor of cockroach’s bait, biscuit bait or other food at bottom to lure the cockroaches.
  • Cockroach will go through the trap door for the food, then be trapped.
They would send a signal to lure more cockroaches in.
  • Before the cockroaches die, don’t separate cover and the seat, they prevent the cockroaches’ escape.
  • After cleaning the dead cockroach up, clear the trap box once again with boiled water, expose it to the sun and prepare for the next time.
  • Cockroaches love sesame oil, brown sugar, you can use oil and sugar as bait War Wind bait.
  • Not advisable to place the trap to somewhere ants usually appear, because cockroaches are scare of ants.

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