Pet Herbal Shampoo

With PestMaestro’s Pet Ear Cleaning Lotion, say goodbye to ear mites, earwax, and ear odor of your dog and cat. Pet health is the health of the family. It is made from natural coconut oil solution to offer the best remedy for your dog and cat’s ear infection and yeast.

Size: 50ml

Ingredients: Pure Water, Aloe extracts (Aloe Barbadensis), Glycerin, boric acid.

Product Benefits: Gently removes ear wax, dirt, debris and inhibits bacterial growth. Removes pet ear odor, treat itching, and relieve ear swelling.

Directions to Use:

  • Lift the pet’s ear and apply several drops directly into the ear canal.
  • Gently massage the entire area around the pets’ ear.
  • Allow your pet shake its head, to allow any dislodged wax to fall out.
  • Use a cloth wipe to clean the excesses liquid around the ear of the pet.
  • Use daily for 2-5 days, or until wax build-up and odors are removed and your pet begins to feel better.
  • Apply cleaner weekly for a happier, healthier pet.

Product Code: PM-0003


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