A clean, safe and productive workspace should not only have an efficient working environment for employees, but also be able to facilitate business conversations by giving your visiting clients a great impression of your company. But all of those qualities can be compromised in an instant with office pests’ infestation.

General office pests include cockroach, mouse, bed bug, etc. The blind spots and dark corners are easy to breed pests after long-term accumulation of food scraps and garbage. The flow of people and goods will bring bed bugs and other pests into the office. Mice and cockroaches will run through the office building and invade your office through ventilation pipes, ceilings and Windows. Mice will gnaw through wires and damage office equipment. For office room that have visiting clients, mouse droppings and other pest traces can demonstrate a lack of housekeeping in the office. This type of perception can lead to clients believing that your office doesn’t do clean up. Would you want to do business with a company that had cockroaches and mice all over their office?

Pestmaestro can help you make a pest control plan that prevents as well as eliminates pests from your office. This could be achieved through;

  • The provision of matching solutions and product combinations for different office pest situations, with effective eradication effects on the office pest problems within a relatively short time.
  • Pestmaestro’s non-physical pest control products are mostly made of natural plant extracts or plant essential oils with very low chemical content. They are low-toxic or non-toxic products with no irritating odor and no irritating ingredients to the skin.
  • Pestmaestro’s products have a more advanced formulation, which can achieve the same effect at a more competitive price and in less dosage, and lasts longer than similar products on the market.