The common harm of bed bugs to humans is blood-sucking harassment. Most people have unbearable itching after being bitten by bed bugs, and the redness and swelling of temperate bed bugs does not go away for several days. Severe infestation of bed bugs can cause iron deficiency anemia, and there are also reports that bed bug feces may cause asthma.
Due to the improvement of people’s living standards, the improvement of housing conditions, and the application of specific drugs for bed bugs, the harm of bed bugs has been controlled at an extremely low level. However, there has been a resurgence trend in recent years, especially in schools, dormitories for workers, etc.

It is not that there is no way to defeat bedbugs, but it requires enough patience. First of all, we need to know where the bed bugs come from. It does not appear suddenly, but clings to old furniture, old clothes, trains, suitcases and many other places that are brought home, or it may run from the neighbor’s house. Therefore, after returning home from the outside, you must check and disinfect them carefully, that will help to get rid of bed bugs at the root. Once accidentally brought home and bitten by bedbugs, the skin will be red, swollen and itchy.

How should I go about eliminating bed bugs when I find them?
Bed bugs are generally hidden in bed boards, bed seams, drawers and closet seams, to focus on the use of drugs in these places. And it is best to choose safe and low-toxic biological insecticides.
For example, this bed bug powder contains the active ingredient ivermectin which was originally used to treat parasites in animals. It is safe for humans and does not cause allergies even when the powder is dropped on the skin.

Adults, nymphs, and eggs can be quickly killed after contact, and bed bugs will lose their crawling ability once they come in contact with the powder. At the same time, they can also kill mites, fleas and lice.

Use the bed as an example:

The first step is to clean the bed sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase. After that, use insecticide powder to treat the joint between the bed board and the bed frame, as well as the side seams of the mattress and the seam between the mattress and the bed board. This creates a protective circle around the bed, and as soon as the bed bugs touch the insecticidal powder, they lose their ability to crawl. Including the seam between the back side of the bed frame and the wall, the seam inside the cabinet and the skirt around the bed should also be used in all directions, and generally bed bug eggs are hidden in these places. Insecticidal powder will suck the water out of the eggs and directly stop the bed bug eggs from hatching, making the control more thorough, not repeated and not disturbing.

 By applying bed bug powder evenly to the above-mentioned areas, you can kill all the bed bugs in about three days. And don’t remove the powder, there will be no bed bugs within one year.